Committee to Elect Lee Nave Jr.

Policy Statements

I am committed to housing equity. That is why I took a public pledge on May 21 outlining my commitment and priorities to addressing Boston’s complex housing crisis. Everything listed in this pledge was informed by my community - by the folks of Allston/Brighton - and by progressive municipal governments around the country. Read more here.

Rat infestations are both public health and environmental crises, both of which have not been comprehensively addressed by the City of Boston’s Public Works Department or Public Health Commission. I take this issue seriously and will work to improve the health and environmental conditions for Allston/Brighton residents. This is why I have released a policy statement: Addressing "Rat City" Head On, outlining how I will work to improve conditions in our community. Read it here.

Informed by discussions with the Commonwealth Tenants Association, of the Fidelis Way housing development, and the Faneuil Gardens Board members, and residents, I have developed a policy for supporting low-income residents have their basic needs met and establish pathways for homeownership. Read it here.

Rent control in Boston would not be new. It should not even be considered “progressive.” And, yet, Boston has gone without rent control for over twenty years despite research showing that it provides instant relief and long-term security to tenants. As City Councillor, I would reinstate rent control as well as other long-term solutions to our housing crisis. Read it here.