Committee to Elect Lee Nave Jr.


A Vision for Allston/Brighton

Lee and Naj Nave, 2019

Lee and Naj Nave, 2019

Economic mobility, affordable housing, and equity

  • Affordable housing: Development without displacement

  • Accessible resources for immigrant communities

  • Professional pathways to retain local and new talent

Accessible and safe transportation

  • Safe active transportation infrastructure

  • Reliable public transportation

  • Improved pedestrian crossing signals

Activated neighbors, families, and students for a united Allston / Brighton

  • Resident-focused constituent services

  • Accessible and intergenerational civic participation and leadership

  • Transparent local government decision making

Affordability and housing
Allston/Brighton is a place that students, young professionals, and families call home. This district has history and character, but we lack affordability and access. Development is a part of growth, but we need to create more affordable housing to allow for upward mobility and opportunity for all of our residents. I believe in development without displacement. Families who have called Allston/Brighton their home for years should not be priced out by new development and rising rents. We need to define “affordability” the same as the state level. New developments in our district only have 13% affordable housing units, I want to increase this to 20%. I promise to push for more affordable housing and address gentrification in partnership with all stakeholders. My housing pledge below details additional areas I will address such as rent control, green space, working on tax infrastructure that will fund workforce and affordable housing.

If there is one thing Allston/Brighton is known for it’s the MBTA’s B line. We’ve all been on a packed car or waiting outside in the cold to catch a delayed train. Our MBTA staff does amazing work, but we need serious changes to make our transportation reliable and safe. We can decrease the number of stops on the B line and increase the number of trains that run. We can also look at additional buses for the 64 and 57, or bus-rapid transit lanes, which help those too far away from the Green Line the ability to get downtown at a fast rate. We can invest in more safety measures and maintenance to make our commute as smooth a possible. We can also bring back late-night service to allow residents to visit Allston/Brighton’s vibrant night-life scene, which includes local restaurants, bars, and music venues, and this would also allow for staff to have a safe commute home.

Pedestrians and bicyclists
A city-led bike incentive program will encourage more Allston/Brighton residents to take advantage of a healthy and environmentally friendly way to commute. Having more bikers on the road means focusing on improving and increasing our active transit infrastructure. Though, we need to make sure cyclists feel safe when commuting. This means making sure bike lanes are marked and the lines freshened in areas where they are faded. It also means ensuring lanes are well tended after snow storms, just like roads and sidewalks. I know what it’s like to ride my bike in faded lanes in snowy weather on my way home from work. One time I almost got into an accident because one of the lanes was hidden under a snowbank. Bike and pedestrian safety is a priority because both are good for the environment and health. I will ensure our neighborhoods streets are safe by working with advocates, city officials, and departments to ensure the proper infrastructure and maintenance.

Civic engagement and community
We live in a wonderfully diverse and evolving neighborhood and the best way to ensure it works for all is for everyone to have a voice at the table. I want to know what your concerns and solutions are for a better Allston/Brighton as your City Councilor. As an organizer and coalition builder, I wholeheartedly believe that community problems are solved when we work alongside one another. I pledge to be a responsive, accessible and transparent City Councilor because this seat doesn’t belong to the office holder, it belongs to the community.

Policy Statements and Pledges

Housing pledge.png